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2009-04-03 24,255788 vertical partitioning, horizontal partitioning RAM requirements- new server
2009-04-02 21,253801 table lock SELECT queries Locking Problems
115,254326 Using index Use of DISTINCT in INNER JOIN
103,254886 double encoding, utf8 Character encodings issues with php, mysql, apache
22,255023 FK, InnoDB PK, inserts Need help to improve innodb performance
10,255447 IN Efficient string comparison to a group of values
20,255489 index Advice on redundant indexing
106,255544 max_open_files Error 23, 1016: Partition with MyISAM
2009-04-01 24,253221 using index, summary InnoDB CPU Spikes
2009-03-31 10,254332 summary Very long query doubt... (Monster query...)
10,255218 Excel Import Excel in MySQL??
10,255269 sequence Unique columns over two tables
52,255326 in, join PHPMYADMIN hangs on this query!.HELP!!!!
26,255327 dump master re syncing a broken replicatoin
10,255399 timestamp Different timestamps for time of creation and time of update
2009-03-30 10,255092 IP What data type should I use and what storage engine?
2009-03-29 52,255009 escaping, quotes delete query doesnt work with php
10,255039 utf8, set names load data character set question
10,255074 Access, ODBC Configure Database
24,255086 data warehouse mysql TABLE tuning and performance
2009-03-28 20,244989 comma Split Values by comma and Check in another Table?
20,254905 autocommit turning autocommit off by default
2009-03-27 32,228808 insert, data warehouse Slow Inserts
20,253717 perf, delete Very slow DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT on a new server
52,253950 prepare prepared statements for multiple queries
20,254653 date MySQL Date Query issue
22,254818 foreign key, 1005, 150 Soln. for MySql 1005 (Can't create table)
10,254825 Excel Connecting to MySQL from Excel 2007
10,254827 2002 MySQL error, please help
2009-03-26 103,253054 Portuguese Using accentuation or other special characters and printing with php.
10,253251 50x index is not used why?
20,253353 key value, rdf, * linked data
10,254231 text TINY TEXT vs Varchar(240) and TEXT vs Varchar(300-500)
28,254421 backup mysql with innodb and myisam
10,254568 date Query Question
2009-03-25 10,248040 LOAD, STRICT Testing the updated database whether it is properly updated or not
125,253913 UNION Slow query - help me optimize ?
106,254059 partition Table partitioning
103,254340 collation "Duplicate entry" error using utf8_unicode_ci
2009-03-24 51,189692 DBD dbd::mysql not in ppm on windows
10,249486 mysql_proxy MySQL Proxy - Production Worthy?
24,251314 parallel, blob, 768, * Performance LONGTEXT / LONGBINARY
10,251940 normalize Standard way to store user information
10,253524 locks Help with locks
20,253960 OR, prefix index usage dependent on in(group) content
2009-03-23 10,253659 wait_timeout how much time can i set in wait_timeout in mysql(wait_timeout variable)
10,253889 ssn field types syntax
21,253989 range, *, 30%, table scan Select * from MyISAM table returns PK order / filesort order
2009-03-22 10,253872 data warehouse, insert Inserting 5000 samples per sec in real time
10,253896 login MySQL on Ubuntu mess...pls. help
2009-03-21 103,253747 utf8 Storing UTF-8 strings in MySQL Database
10,253765 boolean Strange result from DELETE query - can anyone explain?!
21,253770 *, key_buffer Key_Buffer_Size
2009-03-20 125,252723 summary, *, data warehouse Database Design for huge set of data
26,252798 repl mysql replication issue (Handling write load on slaves)?
144,253499 HA MySQL HA 2 instances + iscsi shared data dir
2009-03-19 10,253192 index Order by using filesort on where
10,253285 memory, *, tmp tables Optimising max_heap_table_size & tmp_table_size
20,253348 dual master MySQL settings for multiple server setup
22,253477 ibdata How do we resize ibdata file?
2009-03-18 24,248458 query cache, key_buffer Queries slow down daily, optimizing helps -> why?
24,252134 index GEO Search with large table is very slow
10,252928 1206 Question about merging big tables?
52,253069 image retrieving a photo from mysql database
2009-03-17 51,237322 vista, ppm perl script hangs on query with where clause
24,251993 memory Slow Updates on Memory table - (detailed)
10,252397 5x how to optimize this query
10,252807 sequence A sequence solution for those that want it
10,252904 locate Comparing strings
2009-03-16 10,252259 deadlock mysql_ping before transaction commit
10,252850 unique Question related to unique key
2009-03-15 20,191089 memory Anybody met this errors :Out of memory (Needed 16777224 bytes) ?
10,252593 *, summary Counters
10,252633 *, root, login Need Help - Server was hacked
2009-03-14 52,252452 image, * image display problem from mysql database
22,252480 auto_increment, innodb AUTOINCREMENT & ROLLBACK
10,252507 revoke, grant Make Table or Catalog Read Only
2009-03-12 10,252102 *, group by using GROUP_CONCAT
103,252107 *, charset Converting latin1 charset to utf8
2009-03-11 22,252168 cores InnoDB Plugin Version 1.0.3 for MySQL 5.1.30/31/32 Released
2009-03-10 10,250654 1067 Erroe #1067
22,251325 information schema SHOW VARIABLES: which table holds my.cnf startup varibles?
10,251724 timezone How to time sync MySQL with system time
2009-03-09 24,251371 bigint Performance Issue
10,251495 audit trail Audit Trail Help...again
2009-03-08 125,233775 schema Where to find a tool for differences between two database structures
20,251213 injection Unique Constraint Using My Own Definition of "Equals"
115,251243 delete, update, normalize Performing multiple updates and selects
103,251396 polish, collation Unproper order of sorting in utf8. Collation?
2009-03-07 20,250997 date UPPER with substring is not working
2009-03-06 10,251240 order by, FIELD Re: MYSQL Sorting IN by orignal order?
2009-03-05 20,251062 enum ENUM columns and blank values
2009-03-04 52,29043 password Help on MySQL 4.1 & PHP 4.3.11
144,235807 dual master MySQL Master/Master Replication
10,249857 grant How to change mysql username from "root" to "apps"
52,250163 CJK Asian language problems
10,250609 root Resetting the Root Password on Windows
32,250689 big MySQL Appropriate for 1T- 5T DW ?
10,250889 SP create function help
2009-03-03 10,250423 strict Upgraded MySQL - Lot's of Similar Errors
2009-03-02 20,250148 cluster Query optimization question
134,250153 LOAD DATA need to upload .txt to SQL table.
10,250475 1067, default How do I change this table to get it to load
2009-03-01 106,239360 partition, 4G, history MAX_ROWS on Partitions
24,249095 classic, schema, slower I have queries that sporadically take a very long time
2009-02-28 20,3665 varchar, *, memory, text InnoDB log group capacity error
22,144428 plugin Plugin 'InnoDB' init function returned error.
115,157132 index Re: Large range query stops using indexes
2009-02-27 10,249997 datetime Calculating TIME ELAPSED SINCE in days OR hours OR minutes
20,250080 join JOIN table USING vd JOIN table ON table_field=another_table_field
2009-02-26 10,139333 order by unique ID field, getting next and previous existing ID from table
10,248799 union, kv Opinions on this schema please =)
10,249496 foreign keys drop all constraints, then reinstate all constraints??? is there a way to do this??
22,249791 Can't create table with Foreign Keys - errno:150??
2009-02-25 24,249253 C API Which strategy is better to traverse a big table?
10,249783 login Mysql and CentOS 5.2
2009-02-24 10,249337 index making a row unique
10,249462 grant Re: Can't seem to create a new user account
2009-02-23 125,240977 id, best practice Real-world DB schema
10,245802 tiny Oracle CLOB in MySQL?
21,246379 *, perf, myisam random reads
24,246927 slow 350+ million rows -- is this as fast as it can get? (too slow at the moment!)
10,249227 comma, * Column for mutiple and not-predefined values
2009-02-22 52,69846 dll Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\practice\testsql.php on line 17
2009-02-21 103,247972 fulltext, accents accent sensitivity in fulltext search
10,249096 group by Unsure about query... random column?
2009-02-20 22,246868 innodb_max_purge_lag, innodb, circular, delete mysql very slow after million insert/delete
26,247225 delete, perf Statement/row questions
28,248406 mysqldump How To bakcup Databse per table ?
10,248522 LOAD DATA Append with LOAD DATA INFILE
24,248637 *, classic Performance with select query that joins two tables one with 45MM and another with 12MM
26,248697 SQL_SLAVE_SKIP_COUNTER Replication Errors on Slave DB
52,248931 utf8, set names Re: Korean characters displaying as ???
26,248973 trigger Trigger Replication is not same as in the documentation
2009-02-19 10,247674 grant HOW DO CREATED USERS LOG ON MySQL CLI?
10,248068 SAN What is the story of NAS and SAN file systems for Database?
20,248534 null after moving database problems with NULL value
2009-02-18 21,247124 locks, *, summary tables Solving table locking issues
10,247890 foreach, wheres write trim into INSERT and SELECT Queries
26,248327 error 24, 1016 Replication error?
103,248532 utf8, conversion Mixed encoded DB Latin1 & UTF8
2009-02-15 20,247584 db stats Deployment Statistics....
2009-02-14 20,246345 limits Max quantity users in MySQL
125,246538 left join Help w/ data modeling, 1 to 1, 1 to none? hack?
125,246731 innodb, count, found_rows, *, pagination Alternative to FOUND_ROWS()
103,246778 utf8 utf8 inputs store as html entities, how to retrievesubstr of utf8 inputs?
52,246821 html entities, php Storing Special Characters in Table
103,246837 html why do I need to set encoding in the browser in order to see Arabic letters
10,247027 views View insertion failing
10,247761 classic, perf Any way to optimize join to find rows without conditional foreign rows?
10,247779 summary compressing tables
2009-02-13 10,242312 back tics how to drop database named as database
115,247342 x 8 CPU Cores.....only 1 or 2 being used at the same time...
26,247350 upgrade, replication Upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1
10,247572 newbie building tables
2009-02-12 24,247184 cores The result of MySQL's high concurrency and very large data performance benchmark.
10,247579 fulltext match against search won't match strings with a forward slash in them
106,247583 sharding, ad Database Sharding at Netlog, with MySQL and PHP
2009-02-11 24,246200 big, slow, view use index on a view
10,247089 disk hits delete timing-feasible?
28,247289 alter How to clean up database after deleting records
2009-02-10 52,246699 charset, * Having tough time with spanish/catalan characters in my PHP/MySQL app
26,247168 binlog Binlog not being updated...
2009-02-08 125,246595 alter Reverse Index columns
2009-02-07 24,246411 key_buffer, * Processor at 99.9%, memory at 5%. Configuration help?
2009-02-06 125,246378 big, schema Up to 1 million rows Performance + Design Help
2009-02-03 24,240757 big Questions about performance for huge table (100M+ rows)
24,245653 768 Is BLOB stored in InnoDB buffer pool?
2009-01-31 125,245133 summary, * Design approach for summary table by 3 items
2009-01-23 10,243777 *, pagination Query performance question (using index slows down?)
2009-01-21 21,210290 innodb, rand evaluating table locking
24,242658 sharding, *, petabyte, big How to scale MySQL Cluster to support PB storage
24,243190 perf, blob, innodb slow queries and high % of wait I/O
2009-01-20 125,242278 big A lot of rows for a very specific task
10,243166 grant remote access and privilages
22,243280 innodb Reduce Index space
2009-01-19 10,242398 dims appropriate database design and query
2009-01-12 24,240838 slow, pagination Slow search query
10,241889 normalize finding it hard to setup the relationships
2008-12-26 24,239491 slow my system usage hits 100% at every 6 hours.
2008-12-24 10,239876 *, pagination Query performance on database with joins
2008-12-14 24,238488 join Some general questions
2008-12-07 24,31462 OS, fragmentation, ALTER Table fragmentation and optimization
2008-11-17 24,234339 tuning, pagination MySQL Performance Tuning on my server
2008-10-08 22,228764 innodb, analyze ANALYZE TABLE not working correctly
2008-09-28 115,202118 UNION Paging on Union queries
2008-08-31 115,221561 index index selection
2008-08-30 21,25724 limits, * Storage capacity
2008-06-27 24,213610 schema, slow select query not using indexes
2008-06-16 24,213851 innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit, trx limitation on request per second
2008-05-27 24,204367 big, rdf About performance for Database of millions of records
2008-04-21 24,200278 grant, database One big DB or two not-too-big DBs? FKs across DBs are slower?